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About The Mesilla Valley

In Doña Ana County, New Mexico, lies a little town by the name of Mesilla. It lies in the Mesilla Valley, within the region of the Chihuahuan Desert. With a population of only 2,180, the town only has 5.4 square miles of land.

Mesilla is located in the Mesilla Valley, which was formed by frequent, extreme floods from the Rio Grande. The area is very fertile, and as a result, agriculture is a very important part of life for the residents of the valley. Native to the area, are Cottonwood trees, as well as Salt Cedar.  The area is home to the largest Pecan orchard in the world, and also grows thing such as alfalfa, cotton, chile, onions, and corn. While these cash crops are the most important products of the Mesilla Valley, the area is also known for producing wine.

With its nearness to Las Cruces, a popular city with many activities and attractions the town of Mesilla is known as New Mexico’s best Vacation Getaway. It is a charming little town, filled with award winning cafes and restaurants. The quiet town is known for its yearly festivals. Mesilla was once a part of Mexico and throughout the year hosts celebrations several significant events from Mexican Culture, such as Cinco de Mayo, and Diez y Seis de Septiembre fiestas. The Art Galleries, shops, restaurants, and small town culture are exactly what draws everyone to the area.

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